• Panoramic visual parking assist system
    • Summary:

      System introduction Edit the panoramic parking assistant system including tachograph products, law enforcement recorder products, network camera products.
      Electrostatic hazard Edit the body in a dry environment and dust friction is easy to produce static, autumn and winter wear fur clothing and car of chemical fiber fabric is also very easy to produce static electricity. Electrostatic not only on the car's electronic equipment pollution, affect its use and life,

    • China "off to Beijing" Akiotoyoda handed over in China decision-making
    • Summary:

      According to Toyota Auto Body Co insiders revealed that the establishment of TOYOTA's Japanese headquarters for many years China has officially moved to China, until all the functional departments to move to Beijing, Japan, China will cancel. This means that the future of TOYOTA all the decisions in China will be completed in China, TOYOTA China will have the highest power.

    • The rejuvenation of self-owned brands must be detached from the system
    • Summary:

      Recently, China's three major independent brands have returned to people's attention. Following the media reports that the Hongqi brand cars will become the provincial and ministerial level leading cadres standard models, the Shanghai brand cars have also entered the latest batch of Ministry of Industry announced the vehicle manufacturers and products (No. 233) announcement, since then, Beijing Automotive Corporation Came out, Beijing card will become the official name of Beijing car...

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