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Pua̍h-piánn Moon cake betting

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(BA Bo cake), is the Taiwanese people for hundreds of years the unique traditional mid autumn festival activities, is a kind of unique culture moon, is also a history of Taiwanese heritage. According to legend, Bo, Zheng Chenggong zhunbing for solution of Acacia, soldiers of the Mid Autumn Festival to inspire morale, Hong Xu ordered the Department of invention. Thus, from generation to generation, it became a unique folk custom in the south of Fujian.

Bo is using six dice throwing were combined to determine the participants prizes. Traditional awards for different size of the moon cake, a total of a short time, set a number of 1, 2 to the hall, three red 4, four into 8, two 16, one show 32. It is said that this game can predict a person's luck in the next year. Now more and more Taiwanese companies will also add prizes for a variety of daily necessities, during the festive season as the street carrying bag size paper towels or supplies are mostly out of bo.

Once a year the famous electronic Bo activities in all the staff also laughter, in the crisp sound of the dice into the bowl in the perfect ending, let us feel everyone eager for a fight, be in full swing, the happy scene bursting with happiness.



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